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Published by Diana on 05 Nov 2008

Our New President-Elect and the State of the Environment

Within minutes of Senator Barack Obama’s becoming our new President-elect, articles began to appear to suggest what legislation he should propose to deal with the pressing problems facing the United States. The Union of Concerned Scientists makes a great case that those problems can be addressed with a unified approach: “We are looking to the new president and Congress to work together to build a clean energy economy that will create millions of new jobs here at home, expand capital investment, make our nation less dependent on oil, and prevent the worst consequences of global warming.” Taken from this article: Obama Administration, New Congress Should Mean Aggressive Approach to Global Warming, Science Group Says.

Published by Diana on 15 May 2008

Global Warming is Threatening the Polar Bear

“The polar bear, whose summertime Arctic hunting grounds have been greatly reduced by a warming climate, will be placed under the protection of the Endangered Species Act,” says the New York Times in this article: Polar Bear is Made a Protected Species .

To me, what is most interesting about the listing of the Polar Bear as “protected” (which is a legal term that indicates certain laws fall into place) is that the Interior Secretary, Dirk Kempthorne, would clearly have preferred NOT to list the Polar Bear. While the listing acknowledges that the reduction in Arctic sea ice (caused by global warming, according to scientists) threatens the Polar Bear’s survival, long-term, the comments made by the Secretary make it clear he doesn’t think anything needs to be done about global warming–at the same time, the ruling doesn’t change the regulations on the oil and gas industry one bit.