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Published by Rosalind on 11 Oct 2010

Global Work Party Successful!

With participants from all over the world, celebrated  10/10/10 with a climate work day — involving tree planting, lightbulb changing and solar panel installation. Read more about plans to follow up with political actions: What’s Next.

Published by Rosalind on 05 Oct 2010

At last, a census for the ocean

An amazing sea creature! (photo from

After ten years of research and more than 540 ocean expeditions, more than 2700 scientists presented the world with the first-ever census of marine life on Monday. The census made direct observation of 120,000 marine species, including some 6,000 newly discovered species. Marine Census.

“There are no ocean deserts,” Jesse Ausubel, a co-founder of the census, says. “Everywhere we looked we found life.” Check out the amazing photos: Marine Species.