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Published by Rosalind on 26 Sep 2008

Presidential Candidates and Science Issues

A group of concerned citizens and scientists called Science Debate 2008 has released the presidential candidates’ answers to the “top 14 Science questions facing America.” As you can imagine, it took a lot of work for the group to come up with only 14 questions — they started with 3,400 questions! Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama answered the 14 questions thoughtfully and at length, and the answers are presented side by side so you can compare them.

Here’s the link: Science Debate 2008

Published by Rosalind on 23 Sep 2008

New Ideas for Solar Power!

Check out this article and read about solar “lily pads” — this design won an international award. If these floating solar cells are used on a large scale, they will not only use sunlight from a new area — the river surface — but also give new meaning to the term “water power!”

Read about it here: Design Ideas